Spoons, wooden and lovely

Posted on Apr 20, 2009 in Craft, Featured, Food, Things

When I was growing up something I learned from dad (without him saying anything about it) was that it’s always good to have the right tool for the job. He had a toolbench full of crazy stuff which he was mostly always willing to teach me to use. By the time he bought the thing that filled shotgun shells I didn’t bug him so much anymore about tools. The point is though, there was always a thingy for that project. My mom was a bit the same way in craft-land (something I’ve only truly come to appreciate recently). When you have a ritual around something, even if it’s...

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Rise, my dough, rise.

Posted on Apr 1, 2009 in Food

I’d like to say I don’t get sucked into things. I would. But that’s just not how I’m wired. There was a graham cracker recipe of Alton Brown’s that I made that I was really annoyed with. I swore a pox on him. And yet, there I was, watching him again. This time it was pizza. In my defense, there are others too. So, I watched the pizza episode and thought that it seemed like a perfectly reasonable plan to make pizza at home. It looked so simple. I momentarily forgot that all recipes are simple if you have the right ingredients at the right temperature in the right...

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Rancho Gordo Beans

Posted on Mar 29, 2009 in Food

I’m not quite sure how it started with the beans.   I didn’t care about beets until I read Jitterbug Perfume.  So, it’s not like there’s an equivalent for beans.  That aside, awhile back I placed my first order for Rancho Gordo beans.  It spiraled from there.  The beans were fantastic.  Plus, much like the ritual of making tea, the ritual of making beans is very pleasing.  I was hoping that my family would love them too.  Success with the adults… not so much with the short crowd (to be fair, my toddler doesn’t eat all that much variety right now).   Come...

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